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          This Is a Great Place to Build Your Career

          At American Tower we’re not just interested in filling a position—we encourage you to build a career with us.

          Many of our long-term employees have held a variety of roles, where they have gained new experiences and broader capabilities during their time here.

          Professional Growth

          There is more than one way to advance and grow, there are many. That’s why we moved away from the notion that the only way to build a career is through a traditional “career ladder,” recognizing that lateral and developmental moves can create a dynamic “career lattice.”

          There are a variety of development paths. You can work on a cross-departmental project with others, move to another department that can use your skills, or identify a need and propose a new project.

          By enabling employees to move in a variety of directions, we keep your capabilities expanding, while your career is growing together with our Company.

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          Finance: Employee since 2012

          I’ve been fortunate to serve in multiple roles with increasing and new responsibilities, broadening my understanding of our business and innovative industry. With an open environment for sharing knowledge, I’ve been able to build long-term relationships with teams globally and across functions. I truly enjoy getting to know my colleagues, their diverse backgrounds, and their insight into our business. The company’s leadership is exceptional, they cultivate a culture of collaboration, which encourages and supports employees to grow individually and as teams. I appreciate all the opportunities to advance my career and look forward to continuing to grow with this strong company that is helping to enable wireless connectivity around the globe.

          Senior Manager, Investor Relations
          Manager, Global Reporting
          Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
          Manager, International Tax
          Senior Associate, International Tax
          Director, Business Analytics
          Senior Manager, Business Analytics
          Lead, Business Intelligence Development and Manager, Business Intelligence
          Database Engineer
          Associate Analyst, QA and Analyst, QA


          Information Technology: Employee since 2009

          Since joining the organization as an intern, I’ve been provided tremendous opportunity within the company, so choosing to develop, nurture, and build my career here was an easy choice. While I’ve worked within the IT organization for my entire tenure, my roles have changed quite a bit, providing a holistic view of our business through analytics, intelligence, reporting, and strategy. The company is not afraid to make changes, provides a culture where ideas are considered and tried, and realizes its people’s abilities, helping them grow both professionally and personally. I’m proud to be a small part of the growth of a company that is helping to enable a connected world.


          Information Technology: Employee since 2016

          The people at American Tower, from my colleagues to company management, have provided an incredible working experience. With moving from finance to information technology, I’ve worked with many staff across the corporate organization. No matter the role I’ve held, each day I’ve collaborated with and learned from smart, kind, and driven people—working in a constantly evolving industry, this camaraderie is such an asset. The career opportunities for growth and advancement are truly undeniable, and I’ve always felt management has my best interest in mind, consistently giving me the support and resources necessary to advance my career. There is always something new to learn and this keeps me engaged and excited for future opportunities with the company.

          Manager, IT Finance
          Senior, Internal Auditor
          Staff Accountant
          Senior Director, Real Estate Partnerships & Sales
          Director, Real Estate Sales
          Director, Real Estate Development
          Territory Manager, Business Development
          Property Manager, Business Development
          Site Supervisor


          Sales: Employee since 2001

          I’ve been able to work within many organizations, including operations, sales, and managed networks, and take on roles with increasing scope and growing teams, giving me a broad and diverse understanding of the business and industry. Being able to do this has been great for my career and keeps me motivated and learning every day, even after 18+ years with the company. I truly enjoy solving problems and appreciate that my input and decision-making ability is welcomed, valued, and can be influential to the business. I am incredibly optimistic that demand for wireless network infrastructure will only increase in the years to come and am excited to continue being part of this evolution with American Tower.

          Join Us

          Join Us

          Become part of our team of diverse and talented thinkers and doers.

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          American Tower was named one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2020 by FORTUNE magazine.
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